SEDS: Space Tourism Competition Rules and Guidelines

Student Requirements Art_Flyer

  • Must be registered as a University of Michigan Student
  • Must be retuning for Fall 2017 Semester

Submission Requirements

  • Must be a poster or advertisement for a space destination.
  • Can include known space-crafts
  • No aliens or UFOs (astronauts allowed)
  • No collages or compilations – all artwork must be entirely original.
  • Digital artwork must be rendered without the direct use of other artist renditions
  • Minimal text; should be kept almost entirely visual
  • Must be high resolution, either a scan or high quality file export if digital
  • Can take inspiration from famous space photography but cannot directly copy
  • Multiple submissions allowed per participant*

Judgement Criteria

A SEDS panel will discuss and vote on the submitted works based on:

  • Overall quality of the piece
  • Meeting of set requirements
  • Scientific Accuracy (Rooted more in Science-Fiction than Fantasy)

All entries will be judged anonymously


  • Submit your work to along with a brief description. Include:
    • Contact Information
    • Title
    • Artistic Medium
    • Small blurb about the subject

Submissions will not be accepted after 11:59pm on Wednesday April 19th, 2017.


The winners will be announced after the last day of classes, expect results by 11:59pm Saturday April 21st, 2017.

  • Three (3) prizes: $75 Amazon Gift Card.

*One participant can only claim one prize.
Any questions or inquiries can be sent to:

Download Art Competition Rules and Guidelines