Bioastronautics and Life Support Systems (BLiSS)

The Bioastronautics and Life Support System (BLiSS) team is a student-run research team designing, building, and testing deep-space habitat prototype technology. The team is comprised of both undergraduate and graduate students from multiple disciplines at the university.

BLiSS participates in NASA’s eXploration Systems and Habitation (X-Hab) Academic Innovation Challenge, a university-level challenge designed to develop strategic partnerships and collaborations with universities.

2019-20 X-Hab Projects

AR/VR Surface Exploration

New datasets from missions and field analogs are desired to be integrated into virtual and augmented reality environments so that scientists in the field or here on Earth can more accurately and efficiently identify samples/areas of interest. This opportunity seeks a team of university scientists and engineers who can create a pipeline for data input into a working VR/AR environment (e.g. implementation of a “Field Trek” application based on the MoonTrek program)

Autonomous Gateway Operations

Explore and design user interfaces for autonomous operations of the Gateway (including, all modules) while in crewed and un-crewed mode, which includes applicability for interface accessibility from the ground support. Gateway must provide user interfaces to enable crew and ground-support to conduct nominal operational functions while Gateway operates with the highest possible level of independence.

Point of Contacts

Annika Stoldt

Alexander Sena

Amit Kothekar