Bi-annual Launches for Undergraduate Education (BLUE)

BLUE is a project set up to have continuous launches on Blue Origin rockets. This will give students exposure to working with industry standards in launching payloads into space. BLUE will consists of two launches per year. One launch be a collaborative effort between SEDS and the senior level Aerospace design and lab courses at Michigan. The other launch will be an entirely SEDS planned payload. For more information on BLUE, please contact Owen Marr at


Our third payload, BX-3, is being developed simultaneously with BX-2. With BX-3 we are focusing on composite manufacturing in space. In 2018 the University of Patras in Greece conducted research on this topic but their results were inconclusive in some areas. We are working to improve upon their initial findings and determine more information about the advantages of in-space composite curing. This payload is also expected to launch in the summer of 2020 with BX-2.


Our second payload, BX-2, is focused on separating two phase solutions in space. We are using ultrasonic transducers to create a standing wave that can manipulate an air bubble suspended in water. Successful demonstration of this technology has near and far term applications in space medicine and for long-duration spacecraft. This payload will be launching in the summer of 2020.


For our first launch, we designed a payload that conducts an experiment investigating capillary action in a micro-gravity environment. We injected a liquid ink into a skin simulant and observed the process using a camera. The results would have been collected upon retrieval of the payload and analyzed.