Compact Localized Augmented Work Station (C.L.A.W.S)

The CLAWS team works on designing and developing AR/VR systems for space exploration applications. The team is a collection of undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of backgrounds, including Aerospace Engineering, Computer Science, and Information Science. This diverse team is working with the Microsoft Hololens to help astronauts with EVAs on the ISS and with surface exploration on the Moon and Mars.

NASA SUITS Challenge

CLAWS participates in the NASA SUITS Challenge and was selected as one of 12 teams to test their system at Johnson Space Center in April 2019. The challenge involves developing an AR user interface to assist astronauts with EVA tasks on the ISS. We will be using a full airlock mockup to simulate tests while wearing the Hololens and a suit that minizimizes dexterity, modelling a real spacesuit. These tests will allows us to gauge the utility of our design and correct any flaws before we head to JSC for our testing with NASA.


In addition to the developing the design, we also are required to perform outreach activities. We will be working with the Michigan Engineering Zone(MEZ) to demonstrate to middle and high school students the importance of human factors and spacesuit design in an effort to give back to the community. We also will be connecting with students in other ways, such as through Aerospace Day. This is a biannual event where students from schools across the Ann Arbor area visit the campus and interact with Aerospace students and organizations.

Meet The Team

Riley Schnee

Team Lead

Emily Rassel

Programming Lead

Cesar Mu

UI/UX Lead

Chen Lyu

Chief Editor

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