SEDS Art Contest Winter 2017:

SEDS Short Stories Contest Winter 2017:

Dad, Meet Enceladus

Thirty-something Kara Knight’s life changes abruptly when her terminally-ill father calls her to NASA for a very important mission. Using the advanced space propulsion systems that he helped to invent, she is tasked with exploring Enceladus, a moon of Saturn that contains an underground ocean. Officially, she must map the strange ocean for the mission’s duration, but she also has a secret task passed down by her father. Little does she know that something awaits her in Enceladus’ depths.

-Michelle Winters

Arrival of the teleported generation

When humanity began colonizing planets, teleportation was used for more than just the purpose it was made for.

-Glenn Leung

Finding Hope: A Man’s Curiosity

Morgan Chao is a failed astronaut turned NASA engineer who has almost given up the search for his girlfriend Esperanza. She’s been missing ever since their vacation to Spain, where a satellite crash separated the pair. Having hit a dead end with his own investigation, Morgan suddenly has a new lead delivered through a series of cryptic dreams: a vision of his girlfriend, and a set of coordinates to the surface of Mars. By hijacking the Curiosity rover and sending it to the coordinates, Morgan hopes to convince whoever, or whatever, is sending him these dreams to lead him to Esperanza.

-Logan Hu