President: Rosie Van Alsburg

Engineering Physics: Undergraduate, Senior

Rosie Van Alsburg is a senior studying Engineering Physics and Computer Science, with a minor in Space Engineering. She is the president of SEDS@UM for the 2019-2020 school year, and joined in January 2018. She is also a part of Girls in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, as well as a feminist sorority (Zeta Omega Eta).

Rosie first discovered her passion for flight when she told her mother she wanted to be a flight attendant, because she loved flying. When she was told she could be a pilot instead, her vision widened. In high school, Rosie rediscovered her passion for aero and astronautics when she received a student pilots license, and watched all of Star Trek (all seven series and 13 films).

Today Rosie enjoys all science fiction, especially Star Trek and The Expanse, and hopes to be working towards a permanent human presence in space.

President: Rupal Nigam

Computer Science: Undergraduate, Senior

Rupal Nigam is currently a senior studying computer science and aerospace engineering with a minor in mathematics. She joined SEDS her freshman year and is also in MXL (Michigan Exploration Lab). Rupal loves anything and everything related to space ever since she got her hands on her first astronomy textbook in third grade. She loves the applications of computer science in the space industry and hopes to work on artificial intelligence on deep-space missions. Her hobbies include star gazing, writing poetry, reading, and martial arts.

Vice President: Owen Marr

Aerospace Engineering: Undergraduate, Senior

Owen is the Vice President of SEDS@UM for the 2019-2020 school year. Owen is a senior in Aerospace Engineering and loves all things space. He joined SEDS in 2017, working on the outreach and technical project teams in SEDS, and served as President for the 2018-2019 school year. Owen is from Okemos Michigan and is a UofM Greater Lansing Area Alumni Association scholarship recipient. He enjoys skiing and boating in his free time.

Head of Projects: Sahil Farishta

Aerospace & Computer Science: Undergraduate, Senior

Sahil Farishta is senior studying Computer Science and Aerospace Engineering with a minor in Mathematics. He is the current Head of Projects of the SEDS@UM club and joined in his sophomore year. He is also a part of the Michigan Exploration Lab where he works on software for satellite and high altitude balloon missions.

Sahil has been interested in space since he was a child when he watched space documentaries with his family and got his first space textbook.
Sahil enjoys reading and watching cricket in his free time. He hopes to work on autonomy for deep space probes and satellites, combining his two majors. 

Treasurer: Brandon Dix

Aerospace Engineering: Undergraduate, Junior

Brandon is currently a junior studying Aerospace Engineering, with an academic minor in Astrophysics and Astronomy.

 He is really interested in photography and travelling to new places. Specifically, he likes taking pictures of things in nature from angles and places that no other person has seen before . Something interesting about him is that he has five invention disclosures in his name that could soon become patents. 

Brandon loves space because of how insignificant everything else in our lives really is if we compare it to the vastness and complexity of the universe.

Outreach Chair: Andrew Lauterbach

Aerospace Engineering: Undergraduate

Secretary: Seth Schoenhardt

Aerospace Engineering: Undergraduate, Senior

Seth is currently a senior undergraduate student studying Aerospace Engineering. His interests include hiking, camping, and woodworking. He thinks of space as the final frontier; the last place left to explore. Seth loves the unique challenges it presents and he wants to help overcome those challenges so that humankind can continue exploring and learning about the universe around us.

Social Chair: Jon Pearcy

Aerospace Engineering: Undergraduate, Senior

Jon Pearcy is a Senior studying Aerospace Engineering on the astronautics track. He joined SEDS his Sophomore year and is currently the club’s social chair. He has always been a space and science nerd and is a big science fiction fan. Jon is particularly interested in manned space exploration and space policy, and hopes to see the expansion of human space habitation in his lifetime. Jon is also a member of Triangle Fraternity and MXL and in his free time enjoys table top games and spending time in the outdoors.

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