Co-President: Robert Gitten

Robert Gitten is from Weston, Florida and is currently a senior in aerospace engineering. Rob is obsessed with the idea of space colonization and exploration. As co-president, he looks forward to sharing his passion among the larger Michigan community, getting people excited about the future in space. Rob has entered at the Shanghai Nuclear Energy Research and Development Institute and on the Orion multipurpose crew vehicle with Lockheed Martin. In the future Rob would like to connote the work of forwarding technology in human space flight.


Co-President: Ari Sandberg

Ari Sandberg is an aerospace engineering major with a passion for public policy. She aims to bridge the gap between the scientific community and the general public, making technical concepts interesting and accessible to more than just the select few. At the University of Michigan, she is a research assistant in Professor James Cutler’s Michigan Exploration Laboratory, where she fabricates solar panels for CubeSat satellites. On the side, Ari seeks out opportunities to advocate for and represent the scientific community, specifically through the written word. Last year, Ari interned at Michigan Radio (a local NPR-affiliate) reporting on entrepreneurship and tech development in Michigan. In May 2015, Ari traveled to Washington D.C. where she addressed members of Congress to advocate for continued NASA funding. During summer 2015, Ari interned for the CU-Boulder Aerospace Engineering Sciences Department revitalizing their web content and writing articles that demonstrate the vitality and interconnectivity of the Colorado atmospheric and aerospace research communities.


Treasurer: Lynn Garrett

Lynn is a PhD student in Computer Science. During undergrad, Lynn spent three summers at various NASA facilities, and her time at Ames Research Center convinced her to pursue her PhD after graduating with her bachelors in 2014. Her research focuses on planning and scheduling tasks in multi-agent systems, and she hopes to return to the space industry upon completion of her PhD. In her free time, you will probably find Lynn knitting, spinning her own yarn, or watching college basketball.


Vice President: Arun Nagpal

Arun Nagpal is from Grand Blanc, MI. He’s a junior in Electrical Engineering, whose research interests include holography and optical metasurfaces. In addition to working on the SEDS Blog, he also writes about science and technology for Consider, a campus magazine.

His interests include reading about space exploration, watching “Rick and Morty,” and velociraptors.


Outreach Chair: Amit Kothekar

Amit Kothekar is studying Aerospace Engineering and is from New York City. His main interest is in space systems with a concentration in space dynamics and propulsion systems. Amit joined SEDS as a freshman and being an outreach chair for SEDS, Amit is also on the AIAA outreach committee. He is focused on expanding interest in STEM fields and is very enthusiastic about helping others learn and gain interest in the aerospace discipline. After graduating from Michigan, he hopes to dive into the mission oriented aerospace industry or defense industry. In his free time, Amit likes to play/watch soccer, listen to music and travel.


Outreach Chair: Alexander Sena

Alexander Sena is a junior studying Aerospace Engineering from New York City. He joined SEDS in the fall semester of 2015 as an  outreach committee member before becoming co-outreach coordinator in the following semester. Before coming to the University, he worked for two years at the New York Hall of Science. He intends to pursue any career that will push humanity further into the stars. In his free time, Alex enjoys reading comics, watching movies, and watching movies about comics.


Speaker of the House: Alan Rosenthal

Alan Rosenthal is a senior in aerospace engineering from Dallas, Texas. Having joined SEDS as a junior, he is currently the projects chair and leads the Fission Reactor for In Space Applications team. Outside of school, he enjoys riding bikes and backpacking.


Social Chair: Carlos Valls

Carlos Valls is currently a junior in Aerospace Engineering and is interested in both systems engineering and propulsion systems. As Social Chair, he is in charge of organizing social events for SEDS members and organizing the yearly Yuri’s Night event for the local community. You can contact Carlos at carlosva@umich.edu.


Alumni Chair: Megan Avery

Megan is a senior undergraduate student studying Space Sciences and Engineering. She joined SEDS at UM as their Alumni chair in her sophomore year and works to keep SEDS alumni involved in the organization as well as the chapter’s current members. Megan also currently plays Euphonium in the Michigan Marching Band, and assists with research in UM’s Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering department.


Webmaster: Cindy Zhou

Cindy is a junior undergraduate student at the University of Michigan. She is from New York City. She joined SEDS her freshman year. She enjoys watching tv and movies.

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